How to Use Affirmations to Create Lasting Change

Affirmations can be very powerful tools for personal, emotional and spiritual growth. Many motivational speakers, holistic health practitioners, self-help books and online articles boast the benefits of using affirmations each and every day. Although affirmations can be beneficial, if used incorrectly, they may not work. In fact, they can even backfire, making it harder for […]


How to Incorporate Mindfulness in Daily Life

Can’t seem to find the time to meditate? Check out these 10 ways you can infuse little doses of mindfulness into your daily life. Just a few minutes each day can have a big impact on reducing stress and increasing positive emotions. What is mindfulness? According to Greater Good, “mindfulness” can be described as, “maintaining […]

Practicing Mindfulness

The Healing Power of Play

When was the last time you allowed yourself to play? Not just a laugh or two but in a way that made you laugh so hard that it actually made your sides ache? And filled you with joy and the visceral feeling of being fully alive? As a child you hopefully spent a lot of […]

The Healing Power of Play

5 Self-Care Practices to Enjoy with Friends and Family

Does it seem challenging to find time for self-care, while still making time for family and friends, not to mention all of your responsibilities? Oftentimes, self-care tends to be a more personal practice, as you incorporate small habits or activities into your individual daily routine for your own benefit and growth. Making these practices part […]

Self Care with Friends and Family

Top 10 Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally

When was the last time you took a “time out” and really made self-care your number one priority? (And when I say “self-care,” I’m not talking about lying in your pajamas all weekend watching Netflix…although there can certainly be a time and place for that too!) Many of us feel like we’re constantly going, going, […]

Stress Relief